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About the Designer

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The Homestead at Milton, located in Milton, GA, 30 miles north of Atlanta, is a new community where land and homes meet. The Homestead sits on a former 180-acre golf course that has been kept groomed and cared for – for decades. With just 30 home sites, this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a homestead and put down roots for your family.

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Through his designs, Stephen Fuller gives expression to an abiding philosophy, that a home should live in harmony with its surrounds, and that tradition should live in harmony with time. 

STEPHEN FULLER homes contain nuances of detail that can turn living space into space that is alive and life giving. There are galleries, lofts, hearths, wrap around porches, cozy and spacious kitchens, nooks, modern bathrooms; things that we hope will help your home become a haven for many years to come.  We have learned by years of study and practice that the finest places to live are created by orchestrating many seemingly unrelated elements of the environment around us into a unified vision.

Creating and orchestrating this vision is what we do. We design homes that address individual homeowners needs. They complement the style and preferences set forth by the families that will occupy them. We design communities that are in harmony with the landscape and set a design standard that is desired by the market of potential home buyers. The style of homes and layout of a STEPHEN FULLER  community are planned to the most intricate detail. We design gathering places that bring neighbors and communities together, encouraging the kind of good fellowship that has been lost from recent years in our society of fast paced living.

A Stephen Fuller home is more than a residence; it is a thoughtful balance between nature and man. It is a place where the best of the past coexists with the demands and opportunities of today.

These are the secrets that open the door to livable, functional style that is always elegant and distinctive. 

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An Atlanta resident and a Georgia Tech graduate, Stephen Fuller has received numerous awards of excellence for superior architectural design, including three “Best In American Living” commendations from the National Association of Home Builders and many more. And though Stephen believes that professional accolades are gratifying he mostly believes that just as meaningful are the countless affirmations he hears from families who draw unending pleasure and comfort from his creativity. Stephen Fuller’s instinctively fresh approach gives his designs noted personality.

Stephen Fuller’s instinctively fresh approach gives his designs noted personality. With Stephen there is always a surprising newness, even in his respectful interpretations of long loved styles. Instead of expected corners, you see sunlight bathing open spaces. In place of rote predictability, you’ll find sensitive responses to family needs. And in every room you will spot the signature accents that underscore true quality.

“I design homes, communities, public gathering places…places to be inspired by, places to call home.”

– Stephen Fuller